Martin Campbell - Registered Nurse Resume Simple
Registered nurse with experience in the medical field. I am seeking a position as a Registered nurse in a hospital setting where my skills and knowledge will be utilized.
  • ob gyn, communication, monitoring, vascular, patient, manager, nursing, patient care, medical
  • adjustments, communication, assessment, patient, patient care, therapy, x ray, analysis, vitals, hospital, critical care, documentation, maintenance, medical
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    Registered Nurse

    Advantage Security Inc

    • Strong ability to work independently and as part of a team including a registered nurse, medical Director, and management.
    • Provide direct patient care, including pre and post-operative care, communication with nursing staff, monitoring and report any changes in patient's condition.
    • Monitoring of vascular access and assisting physicians with procedures and other duties. As needed. Performed 12 lead EKG's.
    • Wound care, bandaging, and dressing changes. Set up and assist with minor procedures. Performed EKG's. Assisted in triage of patients.
    • Monitor and report any changes in patient's condition to the nurse Manager and/or physician. Perform basic ECG, blood glucose, and pulse oximetry.
    • Operate equipment such as C-arm, portable, and fixed wing equipment. Maintain and clean the ambulance and the patient's room.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Respiratory Therapist

    Phoenix Services

    • Duties include: Performing EKGs, monitoring patient vitals, administering oxygen therapy, and monitoring and recording of patient's vital signs, and other administrative tasks.
    • Provide clinical assessment and treatment of patients with cardiac failure, including but not limited to: Ventilator management, tracheostomy care, and pulmonary function.
    • Conducts clinical assessment, treatment, and documentation of patients with cardiac, respiratory, and respiratory failure, including ventilator management, tracheostomy care, and pulmonary function.
    • Participate in the supervision of respiratory care technicians, including the provision of clinical care and treatment, and maintenance of patient’s medical records.
    • Provided clinical care and treatment to patients with respiratory failure, including critical thinking, analysis, and intubation. Initiated and managed ventilators, CPAP, BIPAP, and oxygen therapy.
    • Perform critical care and clinical duties as assigned by the physician and/or manager. Manage and document respiratory care of patients, including all aspects of daily patient care, including triage, and discharge.

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