David Stillman - Staff Pharmacist Resume Simple
A highly motivated pharmacist with a strong background in retail pharmacy, and a track record of establishing positive relationships with customers, pharmaceutical representatives, manufacturers, medical professionals, healthcare organizations and insurance providers.
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    Staff Pharmacist

    Von Maur

    • Responsible for the organization of pharmacy services and patient care in the home infusion therapy. Provide drug information to patients and their families.
    • Pharmacist in the absence of the pharmacy supervisor, I am responsible for checking and verifying prescriptions, and providing drug information to patients.
    • Reviews and interprets prescriptions and orders for accuracy and completeness. Assists in the preparation of the pharmacy for the use of medications.
    • Recognized for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Consistently met all deadlines. Worked as a team member and was responsible for the overall operation of the pharmacy.
    • Experience in the compounding and dispensing of medications and patient care. Also, I have worked closely with the pharmacy Manager to ensure the highest quality of service.
    • Reviews and interprets prescriptions and orders for accuracy and completeness. Maintains accurate and complete records of all medications. Ensures that the pharmacy is in compliance with the state and federal laws.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Staff Pharmacist

    Rx Relief

    • Retail Pharmacy: Provided patient education on the use of IV admixtures. Worked with patients and their families to provide medication therapy management.
    • I was also responsible for the supervision of the pharmacist in the inpatient setting, including but not limited to: stocking, ordering, dispensing, compounding, labeling, IV admixture, TPN, antibiotics, pain management
    • Clinical Pharmacist: Provide patient counseling to medical and nursing staff. Provide medication therapy management service to patients, including drug utilization review, DUR, and verification of medications.
    • As a pharmacist, I was also involved in the hospital of Medicine, including the training of IV, chemotherapy, and pain management.
    • Provide decentralized pharmacy services to patients in the inpatient setting. IV admixture, chemotherapy, pain management, pain management, medication safety, nutrition, and infusion.
    • Provide drug information to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the Hospital, including but not limited to: outpatient, inpatient, rehabilitation, and emergency room.

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