Curtis Hollingsworth - Pharmacy Technician Resume Simple
I am a certified pharmacy technician with over 10 years of experience in the health care industry. I have a strong background in the field of pharmacy.
  • insurance, email, pharmacist, inventory, service, mckesson, billing, shipping, customer service, typing
  • pharmacy, inventory, pharmacist
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    Pharmacy Technician

    Hialeah Hospital

    • Maintained inventory of all medications, supplies, and insurance information in the computer system. Also performed monthly inventory checks on all controlled substances.
    • Inventory of medications, packaging and filing of prescriptions. Also, I am also familiar with the use of the computer system.
    • Maintains a clean, organized, and healthy work environment for all patients, including filing and filling out prescriptions, and verifying insurance eligibility.
    • I have also been able to work in the computer system, including inventory control, shipping, and delivery.
    • Pharmacist-in-charge, email, computer system, McKesson, and customer service.. (e.
    • Billing and typing of prescriptions, and checking in patients. Check medications for accuracy. Check for drug allergies.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Pharmacy Technician

    Aetna/US Healthcare

    • Supervise the pharmacy technicians and ensure all work is completed and accurate. Assist in maintaining inventory and order supplies.
    • Take telephone calls from pharmacist and store managers to ensure that they are in the appropriate locations. Communicate with the customers.
    • Check the accuracy of all compounded medications and prepare compounds for delivery. Fill and dispense medication. Assist in the preparation of ointments.
    • Knowledgeable of the following: The use of the pharmacy, and the ability to perform in-depth knowledge of the use of the drugs.
    • Counsel patients on the importance of adherence to their medication regimens and proper use of medications. Answer questions and provide information to callers.
    • Check prescriptions for errors, making sure they are appropriate for the correct drug.. (if any), I am also responsible for checking the medication for the patients.

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