Benjamin Thurman - Medical Technologist Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a medical technologist in a laboratory setting where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to the fullest extent. I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic.
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    Medical Technologist

    Bechtel Nevada

    • Performing therapeutic monitoring, QA/QC, and maintenance of all testing equipment. Performs routine and specialized analysis of blood components.
    • Assist in the chemistry and Hematology departments in the chemistry department. Blood Bank, Coagulation, and urinalysis. Maintain and troubleshoot all instruments.
    • Performs blood bank procedures such as: ESR, manual differentials, body fluid counts, sedimentation rates, sickle cell anemia, and medical and coagulation tests.
    • Assist in the development and implementation of new procedures for the detection of blood and urine. Also, perform linearity studies on all instruments.
    • Run and analyze results in the coagulation department and perform manual differentials. Assist in the setup and operation of ACL top 500 and ACL Elite.
    • Performs and interprets results in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, autoimmune diseases, and Hepatitis C. Assists in the management of the detection of a variety of antibodies.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Team Lead


    • Implemented quality assurance program for the department of nursing and ancillary departments including: The joint Commission survey, CLIA and CAP inspections, and monitoring of testing.
    • Hematology: Performed chemistry tests on blood, urine, and feces, including manual differentials, body fluids, and urinalysis.
    • Awarded the achievement of the National Society for Hematology (2004) in 2006. 2013. The 2014-2015. 2014. 2006. 2010.
    • American Society of Hematology/coagulation Technologist -trained new technologists in the Microbiology department and provided technical support to all departments.
    • The only Technologist in the chemistry department I was also trained in the areas of hematology, Coagulation, and pediatric care.
    • Expert in the use of nursing home IV room including: Patient assessment, sterile technique, and intravenous access.


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