Deanna Mcdonald - Registered Nurse Resume Simple
I am a Registered nurse with a strong background in nursing, and the neonatal intensive care. I have been a Registered nurse in a hospital setting.
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  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Registered Nurse

    The University of Edinburgh

    • Perform IV insertion, blood glucose checks, vital signs, and patient assessments. Provide patients with emotional support.
    • Respond to telemetry calls, and report findings to physicians. Document all care provided. Assist with admission and discharge.
    • Perform a variety of duties as assigned by the registered nurse. Provide direct patient care, including but not limited to: Vital signs, blood glucose monitoring, and specimen collection.
    • Administer medications, and perform medication administration as needed. Provide patient education on medical conditions and treatment. Educate patients on disease processes, health, wellness, and prevention.
    • Administered medications and treatments as ordered by the physician. Documented all care provided. Completed and submitted clinical documentation.
    • Observe and report relevant physical, psychological, social developments and interactions with fellow patients and staff. Ensure the safety, well-being, and care of patients are maintained.

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