Deborah Shae - Phlebotomist Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated, dependable, and dedicated individual seeking a position as a Phlebotomist/phlebotomist in a hospital or clinic setting.
  • ct, ordering, phlebotomist, billing, patient, compliance, phlebotomy
  • training, exchange, warehouse
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    Laidlaw Transit

    • Responsibilities: phlebotomy, processing patient specimens, billing, collections, phlebotomy, and compliance with all applicable laws.
    • Phlebotomy Assistant Duties: Phlebotomist, ordering supplies, and maintaining a clean and safe work environment. Maintained a clean and orderly work area.
    • 3. Ability to perform CT scans on a variety of patients and outpatients. Also, I am able to work in a fast paced environment.
    • Answer phone calls, transfer patients to appropriate departments, and other duties as assigned. Perform all functions of the laboratory including phlebotomy, blood draws, and urinalysis.
    • Ensure that all laboratory equipment and supplies are in good working order. Clean and sterilize the lab. Maintain work area in a neat and orderly manner.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25



    • Duties include: training, supervising, and overseeing all aspects of the production and delivery of the company. Responsible for the development of the annual budget.
    • Perform housekeeping duties such as making beds, cleaning rooms, and maintaining clean room. Ensures that all equipment is functioning properly.
    • Maintained and managed the construction of the exchange and utility equipment. Coordinated with contractors. Worked closely with the Director of the department.
    • Perform warehouse duties, including but not limited to, building a new system, and maintaining the company's reputation.
    • Assist with the preparation of the food and other materials for the residents. Assist in the dining room. Making sure the residents are comfortable.

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