Ann White - Nursing Assistant Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a certified nursing Assistant in a reputed health care facility where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to provide quality patient care.
  • teaching, patient, pediatric, icu, cardiology, staffing, ekgs, casting, vital signs, nursing, safety, telemetry, medical
  • blood draws, ultrasound, teaching, medical, ekgs, casting, patient, triage, xray, hospital
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    Nursing Assistant

    Parks Department

    • Assist nursing staff in the medical and surgical unit, patient care, and oncology, cardiac, and Neurology.
    • Skills: Vital signs, blood glucose monitoring, safety, Foley catheters, and phlebotomy...R.
    • Performed duties in the nursing, care, ICU, Telemetry, and outpatient units. Also, I have worked with patients in the Neurology unit.
    • Triage patients, prepare and administer medications, assist with procedures, and perform physical therapy. Collect and process payments from various hospitals.
    • Assist in the outpatient clinic, including casting, and other procedures. I am also trained in the clinical setting.
    • Provide direct nursing care to patients in the outpatient setting, including: Vital signs, glucose checks, and insulin.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Clinical Assistant

    Hampton University

    • Clinical duties include: Patient triage, vital signs, phlebotomy, EKG, PFT, Holter monitor, blood draws, IV therapy, and urinalysis.
    • Assist with clinical procedures such as casting, splinting, patient teaching, and charting. Triage patients and enter data into the EMR.
    • Utilize various clinical skills such as EKGs, EKG, ultrasound, and xray. I am also trained in the use of the neo-natal isolate and the use of the GE and Phillips.
    • Maintain medical records and hospital files for patients. Perform lab work and other duties as assigned.. Prepare and administer medications.
    • Prepare patients for examinations and assist physician during procedures. Collect and prepare laboratory specimens. Sterilize equipment and instruments.
    • Prepare and administer medications as directed by physician. Assist physicians with procedures, including but not limited to: colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, IUD insertion and removal, and colposcopies.

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