James Derosso - Physical Therapist Resume Simple
I am a dedicated, hard working, and a licensed physical therapist with a strong background in orthopedic, sports medicine, and outpatient settings.
  • education, access, internet, patient, physical therapy, therapy, documenting
  • goal oriented, patient, flexibility, training
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    Physical Therapist

    Wellness Corporate Solutions

    • O provide patient education and therapy services to patients and their families. I have been a part of a team of a pediatric therapist.
    • 3. Provide physical therapy services to patients with disabilities such as autism, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, down syndrome, and other congenital disorders.
    • 5. I am responsible for the daily use of the rehab Optima and the computer system. In addition, I have been able to work with the patients and their families.
    • 3. Maintain a clean and safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Documenting and maintaining records.
    • 2. Ensures that all patient records are in a timely manner. This is a confidential information system, Internet, and the Internet.
    • 2. Performs various tasks to ensure that the patients are in the appropriate level of care. (i.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Physical Therapist

    University of Costa Rica

    • My duties include: Patient education, gait training, flexibility exercises, balance training, and strength training. Skills also included the use of modalities, manual therapy, and massage.
    • I have experience in treating patients with various diagnoses including CVA, Parkinson's, dementia, COPD, and post-op.
    • Demonstrates a high level of professional and ethical attitude, and work ethic., I am a member of the employee.
    • O provide a professional and compassionate environment to promote a positive physical and social interaction. Interact with patients, families, and staff.
    • I have been a member of the team that is a part of a team to learn the best practices and work ethic.
    • Energetic team player who have been able to work independently. He is a very fast paced environment. I am a strong team player.

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