Hector Veatch - Pharmacy Intern Resume Simple
To obtain a position as a pharmacy technician in a reputable company where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to the fullest. I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic, and the ability to learn new tasks quickly.
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  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Pharmacy Intern

    Yale Enforcement Services

    • Performed drug utilization review and provided drug information to patients and their families. Provided quality services in the pharmacy, including answering questions and concerns regarding medication therapy, and other related issues.
    • Answered questions and provided information to the pharmacy supervisor and other healthcare professionals. Provided drug information services to patients.
    • Counseled patients on the use of prescription and over the counter medications. Maintained proper storage and security conditions for all drugs.
    • Counseled patients on proper use of medications and potential side effects of prescription and over the counter medications. Performed drug utilization reviews (DUR) on all prescriptions.
    • Providing drug information to physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. Actively participating in the medication therapy management program.
    • Communicated with physicians and patients regarding drug interactions, dosage, and medication storage. Advised customers on the selection of medication brands, medical equipment or healthcare supplies.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Tarrant County College

    • Laboratory techniques Used: PCR, DNA sequencing, real time PCR, cell culture, and cell proliferation assays.
    • Supervisor: Trained new employees, performed and analyzed data, and presented findings at weekly meetings. Assisted in the development of a new method for the use of the radioactive materials.
    • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the lab. Train new employees. Use of the Roche Cobas Integra and Cobas Taqman.
    • Performed a variety of assays for the biotechnology company. This was a new method for the detection of the genes.
    • Developed and characterized novel compounds for the use of the enzyme. Assisted in the development of a novel protein-ligand binding assay.
    • Maintained a high level of accuracy and precision in all lab equipment. Trained new employees on the use of the laboratory.

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