Susan Baylor - Medical Technologist Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated, dedicated, and results-oriented professional with over 10 years of experience in the medical field. I have extensive experience in the areas of the medical field.
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  • patient care, patient, testing, analytical
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    Medical Technologist

    School of Visual Arts

    • Perform routine maintenance, quality control, troubleshooting, and minor repairs of laboratory equipment. Assist in the preparation of reagents and supplies for the following tests.
    • Report results and instrument maintenance to patient and/or physician. Troubleshoot and resolve issues. Ensure accuracy of data.
    • Assisted in troubleshooting and maintenance of instruments and equipment. Performed routine and specialized tests on the microscope. Performed and documented QC on the instruments.
    • Assist in the maintenance and troubleshooting of all equipment, instruments and equipment. Perform routine and complex repairs as required.
    • Assist in the development and maintenance of technical equipment and instruments. Perform troubleshooting and minor repairs of equipment. Performs routine and specialized instrument preventative maintenance.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve instrument problems and perform maintenance on the lab. Report any errors and malfunctions to the lab manager.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Medical Technologist

    Ross Inc

    • Communicate with physicians and other staff to ensure proper patient care. Answer questions and concerns regarding test results. Assist in maintaining the lab and equipment.
    • Performed analytical testing on all instruments and reagents Used in the lab. Worked with the Architect and the LIS system.
    • Perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting on laboratory instruments. Maintain and troubleshoot instrument and instrumentation. Assist in the preparation of reagents and media.
    • Perform quality control and assurance procedures for all reagents and controls. Ensure proper calibration and maintenance of instruments. Participate in the development and implementation of new policies and procedures.
    • Responsible for the maintenance and calibration of laboratory instruments. Performed quality control and quality assurance. Monitored and reported results.
    • Prepare and maintain records of test results and quality assurance activities. Recognize and report abnormalities and/or changes in laboratory findings.

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