Keisha Lankford - Laboratory Technician Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a laboratory technician in a reputed health care facility where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to help the company.
  • patient, liaison, responsible, data entry, testing, compliance, training, receiving, analytical, safety, laboratory, imaging
  • data entry, research, analytical, documentation, imaging, receiving, filing, responsible, typing, laboratory testing, testing, clerical, scheduling, patient, reporting, medical laboratory, clinical research, laboratory, medical, clinical
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    Laboratory Technician


    • Daily operations of the laboratory including: scheduling, confirming and documenting patient safety, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory agencies.
    • As a liaison between the laboratory, the lab, and the laboratory, responsible for the collection, testing, and distribution of specimens.
    • Prepares and maintains laboratory documentation, reports, and presentations. Assists in the development and revision of standard operating procedures.
    • Provides assistance to the laboratory in the collection and processing of samples, including ordering and receiving of supplies. Participates in the development of new and existing protocols.
    • Organizes and maintains accurate and timely data entry and retrieval of test results, including ordering and maintaining laboratory supplies and equipment, and providing training to new employees.
    • Prepared and maintained accurate and timely laboratory and analytical reports for the cytology department. Performed bone marrow biopsies, and processed specimens for the pathologist.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Certified Medical Assistant


    • Performs various administrative duties such as filing, answering telephones, greeting patients, taking messages, and maintaining patient charts.
    • Performs routine administrative duties such as: Preparing and sending out specimens, labeling and storing specimens for laboratory testing, performing basic laboratory tests, and maintaining medical records and other pertinent clinical data.
    • Maintains accurate records of patient information, including filing, data entry, and other related duties as assigned. Participates in the collection and analysis of medical records, reports, and correspondence.
    • Assisted with scheduling and confirming appointments, collecting and processing medical records, and filing, typing, and copying of patient charts for research studies.
    • In charge of the maintenance of all laboratory equipment, including receiving and reporting results, and maintaining patient confidentiality.
    • Performs all required documentation in a timely manner, including but not limited to, patient history, physical exam, and clinical test results.


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