Marie Meyer - Pharmacy Intern Resume Simple
Licensed pharmacist in California with PharmD degree and over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Dedicated to providing quality patient care. I am a highly motivated individual who has a track record of establishing positive relationships with customers, pharmaceutical representatives, manufacturers, medical professionals
  • pharmacist, counseling, pharmacy, record keeping, auditing, screening
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Pharmacy Intern

    Ohlone College

    • Verified prescriptions, counseling patients on medication use, and correctly completing all required pharmacy paperwork and paperwork, including prior authorizations, drug-drug interactions, and insurance billing.
    • Provide medication reconciliation and counseling to patients in the hospital. Assist pharmacist in completing insurance claim forms. Preparing and reviewing prescriptions for accuracy.
    • Verifying prescriptions, counseling patients on proper use of medication, and documenting of information. Also, I was also the pharmacist in the district.
    • Medication reconciliation, counseling patients on prescription and over-the-counter medications. Also, performed drug utilization review of prescriptions.
    • Screening of medication orders for patients and their families. Performed drug utilization reviews. Assisted in the preparation of medications for patients.
    • Auditing and recording of medication orders and prescriptions. Dispensing and maintaining records. Provide information and advice to patients.

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