Mack Vargas - Staff Resume Simple
I am a Registered nurse with a strong background in the field of nursing. I have a strong work ethic, and a passion for helping others.
  • supervision, very organized, organization, supervisor, leadership, organized
  • organization, inventory, clients, service, customer service, clerical, organized
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    • Provide leadership and supervision to the staff in the areas of the department. Maintain a clean, organized, safe environment for all employees.
    • I was also a part of a team that helped the organization with the tasks of the job. The duties included: Checking the patients in the room, making sure they are up to date.
    • Monitored and reported any changes in the patient's condition and progress to the nurse. I was able to work in a fast paced environment.
    • Worked with the team to ensure that all employees were trained and properly trained. Provided assistance to staff. Assisted in the development of new hire orientation.
    • We had a very strong work ethic, I was able to work in a fast paced environment. The ability to multitask and be able to handle multiple tasks.
    • Ensured that all required paperwork is completed and filed in a timely manner. Identified and reported any changes in the resident's condition and needs.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Sullivan University

    • Responsible for organization of customer service, front desk, and inventory. Assist with administrative duties. Prepare and maintain all required paperwork and reports.
    • Organized and maintained a positive work environment for clients and employees. Provided support to the department. Served as a resource for the client.
    • Provides clerical support to the department. Assists with the preparation of reports. Prepare and submit all invoices for the department.
    • Trained new employees on the GEM 4000, IL, and the company. Provided a team of 10 employees.
    • Also I was responsible for the safety of the residents and the proper disposal of hazardous materials. This included the following: Blood draws, vital signs, and other duties as assigned.
    • Assists in the preparation of reports, and other documents. Ensures that all required records are present and filed. 

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