Carolyn Raymond - Medical Assistant Resume Simple
To obtain a position as a medical Assistant in a reputable medical facility where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to provide the highest level of patient care.
  • insurance, education, hippa, supervisory, documentation, investigations, training, correspondence, responsible, databases
  • management, budget management, hippa, communication, purchasing, budget, hippa compliance, responsible, training, organization, compliance, administrative, logistics, presentations, ordering, reconciliation, supervisor
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Medical Assistant

    John Muir Medical Center

    • Assists with the training and education of the medical record documentation and correspondence. Ensure that all information is complete and accurate.
    • Maintains and completes all required documentation, including but not limited to, quality control, data entry, and reporting of all information.
    • Provides administrative support to the department of health, including but not limited to, the Internet, email, and social media, and other contacts.
    • Organized, and maintained accurate and timely reporting of all data. Provided administrative support to the department. Participated in the development of a new employee orientation program.
    • Responsible for reporting of adverse events, including the use of medical terminology, and other information to the appropriate healthcare providers.
    • Data entry of all information and reporting to the medical record. Provide timely and accurate documentation of the coding and reimbursement of the patients.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Administrative Assistant

    Insight Communications

    • Responsible for management of budget, scheduling, organization, and budgeting. Ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, including ordering, procurement, and returns.
    • Performed administrative duties including scheduling, payroll management, and budget management. Managed and maintained the financial records. Ensured all staff were properly trained.
    • Provides direction to staff, including scheduling, logistics, and management. Oversees the day-to-day operations of the department.
    • Provides support for the management of the department, including scheduling, writing, and maintaining records. Maintains and completes all required paperwork and reports.
    • Completes all aspects of scheduling, including but not limited to, time management, organization, and customer relations.
    • Maintains and completes all required paperwork, including scheduling, presentations, and management. Performs weekly and monthly meetings with the department Director.

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