Roy Miller - Laboratory Technician Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a laboratory setting where I can utilize my skills and experience to be an asset to the company. I am a self-motivated, dependable, and reliable.
  • quality assurance, inventory, laboratory equipment, supervisor, quality control, manager, analyzer, laboratory, quality, maintenance
  • manager, analyzer, laboratory, supervisor
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Laboratory Technician

    IBM Microelectronics

    • Performed quality assurance and maintenance of laboratory equipment, including but not limited to: Ph meter, UV-Vis, FT-IR, and moisture analyzer.
    • Worked with the lab Manager to ensure that the product met the standards of the company and maintained inventory of supplies and equipment for the testing.
    • Selected to be a supervisor for the company and the company. I was also involved in the development of a new employee orientation program.
    • Performed quality control and calibration of instruments Used in the lab. Analyzed and interpreted data. Wrote reports for the purposes of the laboratory.
    • Performed routine maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment and instruments. Prepared and maintained the laboratory. Ensured that the lab was in compliance with all applicable regulations.
    • Prepared all reagents and samples for the lab, including the proper operation of the laboratory equipment. Performed routine maintenance on the instruments and equipment.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Laboratory Technician

    Kellogg Brown&Root

    • Received a Certificate of achievement Award for the laboratory supervisor for the company. The fabrication of a new York state certification program.
    • Worked with Manager to develop and implement new methods for the development of new products and processes. Created and implemented a new method for the determination of the concentration of the ExxonMobil.
    • Analyzed the data of the samples using the analyzer and the chemical analyzer. Performed routine tests on the Varian 5.0, and interpreted results.
    • Performed daily quality control checks on all equipment, including but not limited to, temperature, humidity, and temperature.

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