Mark Varney - Paramedic Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated individual with a strong background in pre-hospital emergency care and medical services. I have a strong background in pre-hospital emergency care and treatment.
  • patient care, responsible, monitoring, receiving, training, cardiac, patient, medical, hipaa
  • adjustments, quality assurance, screening, hippa, communication, event coordination, coordination, reporting, shipping, quality
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    Elementary School

    • Monitoring patient vital signs, providing oxygen therapy, and ensuring proper receiving and documentation of care provided. Also responsible for maintaining ambulance and equipment, and working with other EMS providers to ensure optimal patient care.
    • Extensive training in medical terminology, CPR, cardiac arrest, EKG, and emergency response. Experience with CPR, AED, and oxygen.
    • Proficient in all aspects of personal care including HIPAA, and maintaining confidentiality. Sensitive to the needs of patients, families, and visitors.
    • Perform emergency medical treatment to include but not limited to: Vital signs, CPR, endotracheal intubation, cardiac monitoring, EKG interpretations, defibrillation, and cardio version.
    • Respond to 911 calls, provide basic life support to patients in need of emergency. Administer medications, perform CPR, and assist with procedures.
    • Maintains a professional appearance by adhering to hygiene and health standards. Washes and cleans all equipment and supplies. Cleans and maintains equipment and work area.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Event Coordinator

    Panera Bread

    • Assist with coordination of quality assurance and reporting activities. Ensure that all documentation is complete and accurate. Identify potential problems and recommend corrective actions.
    • Provided assistance to the department in the development of the program to include: The screening of the clients, the administration of the medication, and the record keeping.
    • Ensure that all documentation is complete and accurate, and are in accordance with state and federal regulations. Maintain records of all clients.
    • Provided training and support to the staff on the proper documentation of all services provided. Monitored and maintained the record of all clients.
    • Assist with the development and organization of the health record database. Conduct monthly meetings. Maintain and monitor communication.
    • Provide training to new employees on the proper use of the company, including the following: The documentation of the company, the company's policies and procedures, and the state of the art equipment.

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