Frances Tanner - Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Simple
To obtain a position as a licensed practical nurse where I can utilize my nursing education and training, as well as provide excellent patient care.
  • venipuncture, triage, testing, powerchart, spirometry
  • administration, screening, dental, first aid
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    Licensed Practical Nurse

    Assemblers and Fabricators

    • Proficient in venipuncture, spirometry, audiometry, and vision testing. Assist with minor procedures. Set up and assist in minor surgeries.
    • Prepare charts for the doctor and send out letters to patients. Order medications for the doctors. Make sure all medications are available and documented.
    • Prepare patients for examination and assist physician with procedures such as IUD insertion and removals, endometrial biopsies, colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, and IUD insertions.
    • Triage patients and provide assistance with the care of the patient. Monitor and document vital signs. Perform basic life support skills such as bathing, feeding, and dressing.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    Princess Cruises

    • Maintain a safe environment for patients, including screening, dental administration, and medication administration. Assist with the preparation of the resident for the admission.
    • Prepare and administer medications, and perform first aid procedures. Assist with minor surgeries. Prepare and administer medications as directed by physician.
    • Provide care to patients with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and diabetes. Assist in the transfer of residents to and from the facility.
    • Assist in the development of the nursing plan and the implementation of the plan of care. Supervise the work of the residents.

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