Rosemarie Wood - Medical Assistant Resume Simple
I am a certified medical Assistant with over 10 years of experience in the medical field. I have a strong desire to be a part of a team that will allow me to utilize my skills and knowledge.
  • office, service, triage, customer service, phlebotomy, blood pressure, vital signs, nursing, clinical, sterilization, front office, etiquette, telephone, patient, coordinator, organized, supervision, phone etiquette, pharmacy, injections, medical records, physician assistant, medical
  • responsible, communication, service, cleaning, sanitation, operations, quality, cash register, cash handling, interpersonal skills, stocking, interpersonal, merchandising, safety, cash, inventory
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    Medical Assistant


    • Back office duties include: triage, vitals, patient education, telephone etiquette, appointment scheduling, medical records, stocking and sterilizing instruments.
    • Medical Assistant Duties: triage, vital signs, injections, immunization, phlebotomy, laboratory service, and other related duties as assigned.
    • Clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies. Provide quality nursing care in accordance with licensing standards and in accordance with the physician's orders.
    • Perform clinical duties such as taking vitals, injections, and medication administration. Preparing and administering medications as directed by physician.
    • Maintain all logs and required checks (i.P. Refrigerator temperatures, emergency medications, expired medications, oxygen, cold sterilization fluid change, etc.
    • Take and record patients' vitals, height and weight, medication reconciliation, and perform other related duties as assigned.
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    NCR Corporation

    • Duties include: Customer service, personal hygiene, housekeeping, organization, inventory, and quality. Perform all tasks in accordance with company policies and procedures.
    • 9. Ensures that the customer is responsible for the safety, security, and distribution of all products, services, and communication.
    • Assists with cleaning, organization, and cash handling, including maintaining a clean, safe, and orderly environment.
    • Ensure the cleanliness, sanitation and organization of all facilities, and warehouse and equipment. Provide support to the customer service.
    • Provides general customer service, including organization, data entry, and distribution of supplies. Assists with maintaining a clean and orderly work area.
    • Responsible for organization of retail and customer service, including driving and cleaning, and maintaining a clean and safe environment.

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